Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brown Paper Packages

I get so excited over the stupidest stuff.

Because really, if you order or buy tack from me, you're probably most interested in the tack itself and would be satisfied with whatever means of transport it arrived to you in, as long as it was undamaged.

But packaging! I LOVE packaging! And figuring out studio colors, and design aesthetics, and fonts, and logos, and all the little things that don't technically have anything at all to do with my tack itself. They might not even have to do with good marketing, or attracting more customers or seeming professional, but honestly I love them anyway.

I guess I just think that touches like cute packaging (which is extremely fast and inexpensive on my part) show that I care enough about my work that I actively want to go the extra mile to make sure you see that effort from the moment your package arrives.

And it's just so goshdarn fun.

So today the tan hunter set got a cute box of its own and is off to its new owner, which is an awesome feeling. The more stuff moving off my desk, the better!

Annnnd the eventing saddle got some piping and sexy black stirrups, but no D rings. By the time I'd taken the entire thing apart last night, I was too frustrated with my knee roll design (and the saddle in general) to figure out how to surgically install D's; so back together it went without them. Which means the set will come with a running martingale instead of the standard breastplate I had prepared, which will actually be pretty fun on my part, considering I've never done one before.

Figure 8's are hard. That is all.


  1. To solve your D-ring predicament, maybe you could try making those little D-ring attachments they sell for real horses to slide nto the stirrup bar?

  2. That's such a great idea!! I'll definitely give it a go. I would've never thought of that in a million years.

  3. LOVE those boxes!! Too precious!! I need some for my tack too... ♥

  4. Your packaging is beautiful and it does matter - just that little bit that puts you over the edge, showing you really care for your work and then the buyer sees and appreciates that (at least I know I really do).

  5. I think cute packaging is really cool! Figure eights look ridiculously hard to make, but you are doing an amazing job!