Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sneaky Peaky

I get a lot of different reactions when I tell people I make mini tack, but most of them are along the lines of, "You're crazy!"

Which is fair.

Even if I'm not insane, I'm definitely a member of a very small club of mini tack makers who could look at this saddle and just want to tear their hair out because I FORGOT something!

Nope, it's not stirrups (I didn't reach that phase before I caught my mistake).

This is the saddle that goes with the sale set I'm working on, which is angled to be a high level jumper/eventing set. I must've been so focused on the thigh blocks and Orange is the New Black that I totally forgot D rings.

How could I forget D rings?? On an eventing saddle??? I mean, I've already made the breastplate that buckles to those D rings for Pete's sake!

Ah well. Since these pics were taken, the saddle's already been completely taken apart. Focus, Grace, c'mon!

(I don't know exactly when or how I'm going to sell this set, but it'll probably be a MH$P item with additional pics here. Or maybe I'll offer it directly through the blog for the first 24 hours before I list it to MH$P? I don't know. I'm still bummed about my freaking D rings.)


  1. I still don't understand how your tack looks so good! In SM and it's has more detail than some traditional pieces!

  2. The amount of concentration that goes into these pieces is mind boggling - just to keep track of all the tiny details - just know there are a lot of people that appreciate all you go through to produce these amazing sets!

  3. Wow that set looks amazing. Don't stress about the D rings the rest of the saddle is fabulous!