Friday, August 1, 2014

(I Wish I Was) Done

There comes a point about 90% through making a set that you just kind of go... are we there yet?

(excuse my MEGA lazy tacking up)

I have reached that point.

The saddle, girth, noseband, crownpiece, reins, front boots, hind boots, pads, and half a running martingale are done. That's close enough, right? Nobody would mind only getting half a martingale?

And the battle of the D rings continued today with no less than THREE more unsuccessful attempts. They were such good ideas, but alas! At this point, it's just going D-less.

So all I need to do in the morning is that other martingale half. Then I need to get to work on my harness- time to stop procrastinating!

Quick question, if anyone's up for it: does the half pad ruin the all-black image? Is it too stark?

For anyone interested, this set will be listed to MH$P tomorrow at some point, with a link back here to (much prettier) pictures. Price will be $105, (8/2 edit: $95 because I don't feel like charging full price, and I make the rules) which includes postage to anywhere in the US. If anyone reading this post before the ad goes up would be interested in purchasing, shoot me an email and snag it before it's even officially for sale!


  1. I hate that feeling, especially when working on commissions! I seem to lose interest if I know I won't end up keeping it! LOL :)

  2. I am very used to that feeling! Especially if I am writing or's very easy to lose interest when you are almost there.