Saturday, July 19, 2014

So... Close...

In my mind, saddles take no time at all to throw together.

And in reality that's sometimes true, but most of the time it's a process. I like to know that I'm content with each piece of the saddle, instead of just the whole. (If that makes sense). I know it doesn't look like much change since the last pics, but believe me it's there. The cantle has been shortened and reshaped, the skirts have been filed down and messed with, the stitchmarking was completely retouched in some areas, the underside has been lined and piped, and the piping along the front was cleaned up.

Now all it needs is nailheads, panels and stirrups! Nailheads, no sweat. Stirrups, easy peasy. But panels... now that's a task. One I very much look forward to tackling later.

Meanwhile, I've been wreaking some havoc on the "customizing" side of the table... if only there were fully articulated, realistic, high-quality and in-scale Stablemate dolls! Alas, I'm stuck with this mess of a DIY. We'll see how it turns out!


  1. In-progress photos are great to see - definitely makes you really appreciate the end product a whole lot more!