Monday, July 21, 2014

Studio Update: July 21


Well, it still needs a girth and stirrup leather keeper but mostly DONE.

I love how this saddle came out. I have no shame in saying that lately, I haven't been wanting to part with the saddles coming off my desk. The pony set almost didn't make it to MH$P, but money needs won out.

(The stirrups are purposefully two different lengths to show the owner options.)

Still looking pretty wet and grainy in these shots, as the finish is still drying, but that'll fade and the grain will hopefully become much more subtle.

Great pommel shape on this guy. I only wish my camera would pick up its true color- this isn't the same "hunter orange" I've used in the past, but a more true tan, sandy color. I'm a hardcore dark leather fangirl, but this shade has really grown on me!

I love how the HAUK stirrup irons look after a good polishing and with the added treads. So sharp.

And just for fun...

A sneak peak of the new man in my life!

I can't wait for the correct tack fitting body (as attractive as my attempted half STB polo pony is) to get here so I can finish this set up and get some beauty shots! And, of course, get it off to its very patient owner. :)

Sales Update: As a thank you to my blog readers, I'm offering the Secretariat set here for $40, which includes First Class postage right to your door. Blog discounts or early opportunities are something I think I'll continue with future sales pieces... which I would love to have more of, but this show is coming up fast and I still have no finished sets of my own!


  1. Absolutely divine and the little buckskin is a looker also :). We want to see the brown set too ;)

  2. Oooh! I LOVE that custom, great use of the mold!
    I wish I would have seen that racing set, I would have snatched it up for that price!! ♥

  3. Beautiful saddle - that polo pony custom is awesome!

  4. Love the tan set. I almost bought that little buckskin, but I'm glad you have him so I can see him blogged about. :D