Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Alien Tack

Well, it might as well be alien.

*Twilight Zone music*


My whole life, I've trained and ridden hunter/jumper. I know an English saddle inside, outside and upside down.

And I have made western tack before- both in mini and big scales. All evidence of the mini attempts were promptly destroyed, and the big set was sold off to someone who might know how to use it.

But I have a show coming up.

At every other performance show I've been to, I've sat out the western division, figuring I was way out of my element and my league.

But recently my best friend and fellow mini tackmaker, Anna Yager of Ebb & Flow Studios, has been in town and we've been bumping elbows in the studio. I've been overseeing the creation of these...

And last week, they may have inspired me to take the leap into that scary western division...

Still needs nailheads, billets and girths (cinches? I don't know!)
It's far from perfect, and I can see a lot of things I'll change for next time, but honestly it isn't as bad as I thought it would be!

You know you're a performance shower when your brain easily goes, Hey, you've got a running calf, that's almost a complete roping set up already!

Now all I need is a breastcollar, tie down, bridle, and rope (which will be interesting considering I won't be using a doll). 

I have no idea what I'm doing, but whatever this alien tack is, it's fun.

In other news, the hunter saddles now have skirts and my camera battery is now dead. Not as productive a day as yesterday, but progress nonetheless.


  1. I think it looks fantastic for your first(ish)! No way I could have fit that much detail into my first. :)

  2. Exquisite work for moving outside of your comfort zone - that is going to make a wonderful Western set!

  3. Lol the alien discipline, I guess I'm an alien ;)