Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Studio Update: July 22

I was supposed to spend today in the city, but that got pushed back and ponies happened instead.

Lots of little things happened.

I got the new "Show Stoppers" Stablemate set, thinking it was perfect because I need a) a TWH for tack fitting and possibly to throw in the saddleseat class (I have a cutback saddle floating around my tack box somewhere...) and b) because it has the pretty strawberry roan mare I need for my accidentally-on-purpose conga.

The TWH's color is okay, but ugh Breyer! What are these seams??

Did you even try??

I'm pretty lenient about the condition of my OF performance horses, thinking that the tack and overall correctness of the entry makes a few little flaws easy to overlook, but this guy is awful. No saddleseat entry for me!

Luckily, the roany mare is lovely.

In other "ugh, Breyer!" news, I'm making myself a performance horse.

Now, I am not a customizer. Realistic customs just do not come naturally to me, and I lack the patience and skill to turn out a really clean, sharp product that so many other hobby artists do. The only customs I do are for myself (usually), and intended to be performance horses that are granted the same forgiveness as flawed OF's: maybe the judge will be so impressed with the tack and props that they won't notice how bad the horse is?

All this meaning I have a project on the customizing seat of my table, and I am cursing Breyer's awful paint job. This guy's spots are globbed on so thick that I needed to sand the entire horses's body to get it smooth enough to prime! Ugh, Breyer!

I know, I know, but let's call him quirky. He's in the process of becoming a Fjord... 

But his size and general flawedness makes him more like a Fjord cross.

...mostly because I love Fjords, but also because their amazing manes can slide them into your braids-required and braids-prohibited classes alike. Fingers crossed after he gets his fuzzy forelock and Fjord-y paint job he'll clean up better!

Moving along, actual progress was actually made on the roping set.

Now we have a breast collar, tie down and about half a bridle!

Both the tan English saddle from yesterday and my brown hunter saddle got attention, too, just in little ways that don't look very impressive in pictures.

And finally...

Itty bitty Pony Clubber!

I really love prop making. It's actually a service I've considered offering on a commission basis in the past, and maybe will again in the future if I ever find myself with a completely empty desk and too much time on my hands. And the probability of that happening, let's be honest, is pretty slim. ;)


  1. You are so versatile! O_o
    I hope I can be able to make all the things you do one day!!

  2. You are so great at so many things! Your English tack is beyond words, but now I see your Western set and it's just as wonderful. And now you're onto customizing...

  3. My showstopper TWH had the same issues. He is definitely a showstopper. If he were put on a halter table the judge would stop judging and tell every one to come look at the perfect body quality horse. The foals have done incredibly well though.