Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shamrocks & SheNANigans: OF Other Performance

I didn't originally plan on having any entries in this division, but it ended up running at the same time as AR/CM Western (also no entries from me), and the inactivity got to me after about ten minutes. Luckily, I happened to have an OF prop horse along with me that fit all of Prudence's tack and props from her Other division entries. Yay for recycling?

The hero my show string deserved.
I didn't get my act together soon enough to get him tacked up for Harness, which was just as well, as there was ample mini representation.

I'm not 100% sure, but this little cart sure looks like an Argylefarm creation to me. So beautiful!

The OF Arabian Costume crowd was drool-worthy. This is another area I know nothing about, but I can appreciate them just for the aesthetic aspect!

My personal and uneducated favorite.

This Native American entry knocked my socks off- such detail!

Other Costume had some familiar reference pictures. I love seeing fun or Halloween style costumes in with the historical ones!

This military-style parade set was another stand out entry to me. All of the gold hardware and seals were gorgeous.

My photo coverage of this division is spotty, and pretty much ends with a shot of this stunning parade set:

My little OF Driver, Boo Radley, jumped into In Hand Trail...

...and I think Endurance and Other Performance, doing well enough in Prudence's get-ups to earn a Reserve Champion rosette! Such a pleasant surprise!

My favorite division, CM/AR English, is next! 

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  1. I have this OF model also and she is one of my favorites. Neat to see her on the table!