Monday, March 16, 2015

Shamrocks & SheNANigans: OF English Performance

Over the weekend, I made the jaunt out to Walla Walla, Washington to attend the back to back Shamrocks & SheNANigans and Card Shark Live shows. 

I have over 700 pictures taken over the course of the two days, and I don't want to drown you guys in them, so let's go one performance division at a time!

Shamrocks & SheNANigans was Saturday, and it was limited to CM and Performance, which kept it small and cozier. My table was the most naked it has ever been at a show:

With only my mini performance crew and two CM halter horses in tow. 

Each performance placing earned your horse a certain number of points; five points for first, four for second, etc.

The performance division was divided into OF and CM, and of course I had a horse in each, because the prizes for the high point horses were these incredible creations:

OF started out the day with the English division, beginning with Jumper/Cross Country.

This guy looked very handsome in his tack- I hope his owner caught that bit before the class closed!

My little WB, Blue Jay Way, looked cute in her tack, and the hand jump made its debut in this class. I got a few really nice comments on it, which was SO gratifying after all the work it took to make it there!

This little CWP was another repeat contender in the English division, starting with this super cute jumper jump.

Blue Jay HANDILY took first. (Get it? Handily?)

After her strong start in Jumper, she took a hit in English Games with some documentation with a backwards pattern. Oops! Definitely should have proofed that earlier!

One thing that was very exciting about the weekend was the amount of mini performance entries!

Go minis!

Blue Jay sat out Other English, but this guy came back with some friends.

The mini power continued in English Trail.

So did the animal friend trend.


I really loved the mischievous dogs on this one- such a sweet touch.

Blue Jay snagged another blue with the help of some last-minute flower pots whipped up on Friday.

Hunter Over Fences continued with some familiar faces.

I loved this jump's spring theme! Bunnies!

Blue Jay's little fence was enough for a pink card, but the bunny jump came away with the blue.

English pleasure was a big, mini-filled affair!

Blue Jay came away with first, and I was happy to see this little guy with a ribbon too.


Blue Jay managed another blue ribbon, and after a short break for the very small but very cute Track Racing class...

...She earned herself a Reserve Champion rosette! Yay!

While English was running for OF, Other Performance was happening in the AR/CM ring, which meant I did a lot of running around getting my two horses where they were supposed to be. I missed seeing who the OF English Champion was, but I suspect the pretty trotting buckskin guy.

We'll jump over to the AR/CM ring next to see how my little Fjord was doing while Blue Jay did her English thing!


  1. Yay! At first I thought "WHAT?! The painting jump didn't place!?!" Then the blue ribbon! Woohoo! So glad it won first, you deserved it! Congrats on the reserve too - you did well!

  2. Wheee! I'd seen some exciting pics of your stuff on Facebook from other attendees and I've been waiting for your posts. Congratulations on everything! Your hard work really paid off. I wish I could have been there to see everything in person :)

  3. I feel like a kid at Christmas time waiting for your post(s) LOL :D Thank you!!