Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Card Shark Live: Other Performance

Day Two of the Incredible Performance Weekend Extravaganza was Card Shark Live, hosted by the lovely Bethany Shaw. While Shamrocks was limited to Performance and Customs (my two favorite divisions!), Card Shark included OF Breyer,

OF Stone,

OF Mini,

Artist Resins,

and of course CM and Performance as well!

Instead of money rosettes, the Grand and Reserve Grand Champions of each division earned one of these adorable handmade trophies.

Each rosette winner got their picture taken in the incredibly cute and theme appropriate photo booth, which I thought was a great touch.

The Performance division wasn't split between OF and CM, so I focused on keeping Prudence on her game and didn't bother too much with Blue Jay.

First up was Other Performance, starting of course with Harness.

I was so impressed with this incredible horse and his cart.

I'm pretty sure his bit popped out on one side before judging, otherwise I'm positive he would've snagged the blue ribbon.

Unfortunately (well, fortunately for Prudence), first place went to Prudence's tried and true little harness set-up. 

(All of the pictures I took on Sunday were with the good old iPhone, so enjoy the fun color changes and slight distortion in this and the upcoming posts!)

I'm lame, and missed getting pictures of any of the costumes other than these guys:

But I did make the trek across the show hall to thoroughly document the large and gorgeous Parade class!

Other Performance was a predictably big bunch.

This cutie from Harness returned...

...and I drooled over this Reiner's incredible tack.

I know I mentioned this before, but seeing so many minis in the performance ring makes me so happy!

I decided to go with Prudence's Endurance entry over her Horse Agility one for this class, mostly because she looks adorable in the tack.

I wasn't the only one with the Endurance idea- this dynamic mule stole the show in this class!

He ended up with the first place spot, with Prudence landing in third (I missed seeing who snagged second!). 

Her first and third were enough...

...For Other Performance Champion! Yay Prudence!

She took a short break for western, but my phone camera action didn't. Those are up next. :)

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  1. Wow you got some great shots of my little guys! The Arab costume, Peruvian costume, Racing set, and the Parade on the bay ASB are all my minis! :D I didn't place too well at this show but it was fun to see all the entries. Congrats on your wins! You did well :D