Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shamrocks & SheNANigans: AR/CM Other Performance

My photo coverage throughout Shamrocks is a bit spotty thanks to the whole showing two horses in two full divisions at the same time, but I'm glad I got the pictures I did, because there were some amazing entries!

Harness is usually a two-horse class, and Saturday was no exception. This beautiful resin looked pretty gorgeous to me...

...but my new Fjord, Dear Prudence, snagged first.

If there were any Arabian Costume entries, I missed them, but I'm glad I caught the Native American Costume class, because wow!

And more minis!

 This guy was the star of Other Costume:


Parade brought a few more goodies:

This show had a fabulously in depth performance class list, which included classes for In Hand Trail and Showmanship (pretty sure most of these pictures are In Hand Trail, but there could be both in this bunch!).

Prudence returned for this one.

All of the props in this one were drool-worthy! Gimme!

Caught this one before it was done- oops!

The class winner (I think of In Hand Trail) was this absolutely gorgeous big Lonestar and his smartly dressed handler:

Prudence managed another pink card with her little set-up.

The next class was a catch-all Sidesaddle class.

I almost snagged a photo of this one before the rider mounted up, to show the clever lack of any pommels on the saddle- she just has a flat bottom that sticky waxes to the flat saddle! Very handy.

On to Endurance!

This beautiful resin was the winner here, with some seriously stunning tack.

Prudence came out with a very satisfying second. (Better pictures of her Endurance entry coming up in a future post!)

Other Performance was the largest class of the division, with some really creative entries!

I wasn't the only one to go with a Horse Agility idea- I loved the tarp on this one!

Of course I forgot to grab a picture of Prudence's Horse Agility set-up, which didn't manage to place in that huge class. Luckily, Shana got a great shot of the entry!

At least she looked cute!

And I missed out on seeing who ended up with the rosettes in that division- Prudence's first and two seconds weren't quite enough to bring one home. That's okay- she ended up doing just fine in the upcoming divisions!

Next, switching back to OF for their Other Performance!


  1. I believe I have a photo of Prudence in Agility, I'll email it over. The Other judge also didn't seem to be taking points into account for her Champs, she was going with her favorites. Interesting to see how different judges decide on Champs. I know at the last show I attended my Parade Entry (which won one class) took a Champ in a division where another horse had won multiple classes. I can imagine that is frustrating to people who put in the effort for all those other classes. It's an observation that makes me realize we (as a hobby) don't really have a hard and fast rule for determining performance Champs

  2. Lovely show report. And love Prudence, she's so adorable! :)