Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shamrocks & SheNANigans: CM Halter

While Custom was the only halter division at Shamrocks, it was split between littles and bigs and definitely wasn't lacking in quality.

I had a grand show string of two custom horses in halter, so I wasn't paying too much attention to who was winning what over there, but I did enjoy ogling all the beautiful horses!

This guy below attended both shows over the weekend, and won my award for Horse I Would Most Like To Take Home With Me. He did very well in halter, and think of the performance possibilities! Eeek!

I can't even tell which mold he started out as- I want to say G4 Driving mold, but his legs are so clean and non-chunky! If this horse ever needs a new home, I volunteer!

My lovely Jaime Baker custom, Castiel (aka Dusty on his official records), earned himself NAN cards in both breed and workmanship. Yay!

My other halter horse was more of a "just bring him because he's my only other custom," Stewart Little the Clydesdale. I don't even know who painted him- I bought him on eBay probably six years ago! He's actually the big guy in the above picture, posing with his long-lost tiny twin brother, owned by Bethany Shaw, my table neighbor. 

The mini-me Stewart is actually the top of a trophy that Bethany rescued and transformed into the cutie he is today!

The CM Mini table was equipped with a magnifying glass to help further appreciate the tinies- especially useful in pony classes like this one.

Shamrocks also had a fantastic raffle table full of goodies..

...including edibles...

...and horses alike!

That just about wraps up my Shamrocks & SheNANigans coverage! One last thank you to Shana for an incredible show!

Next up, we move on to Sunday for Card Shark Live... Another awesome show day!

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