Friday, March 20, 2015

Card Shark Live: English Performance

English! Woo!

First up was Dressage, which I did manage to get a picture of this time around.

My Prudence-centric photography continues with Hunter/Jumper/Cross Country...

Shooting this direction caused a lovely backlit effect to happen- I'm bummed I didn't get a better picture of this entry below, because it was beautiful!

Shana's little guy's tack here was fun to take a second look at; the saddle is one I made probably three years ago, and the bridle and boots were made by Anna as part of her Breast Cancer Raffle last October!

The CM Harley ended up with the blue ribbon in the class, with Prudence scoring second. (My CM appy jumper and the hand jump should have been in this class too, but I totally forgot about them. Whoops!)

On to English Trail!

All of the mini representation made my heart happy, as did the blue ribbon waiting for me when the class was pinned.

The next class was technically "Saddleseat/Hunt Seat," but without any saddleseat entries it was basically round one of English pleasure.

(Can you tell I liked this duo?)

This guy was especially squee-worthy; he's a Stablemate pony! So bitty! And the little rider! Eee!

Prudence and her unnamed blue haired rider pulled through for another blue in that class...

...and my little green doll helped out in landing yet another first place in English Games. Woo!

Everybody came back for English Pleasure, in such impressive numbers that the class was split minis and bigs.

I threw Blue Jay in there hoping for another pink card to add to her collection, and I got lucky!

Team Stage Left took both the pink cards.

Other English had the cutest foxhunting entry I've ever seen...

...and a lovely little endurance set-up! I love this base!

My picture coverage gets spotty around here too, and I missed snagging a photo of Prudence in her tandem riding set-up (just the same as her Saturday one). She ended up with a second in the class, with the little foxhunting guy landing first (I think!). 

With all those blue ribbons, I was delighted but not entirely surprised to find her with a beautiful English Champion rosette!

Everyone came back to name the Overalls...

...And Prudence came out victorious! Overall Grand Champion! Eee!

This was beyond exciting!

And look! I got a little blue horse! 

I had such a fabulous time showing in this division, and I of course want to thank Sue Manly for judging, and Bethany Shaw for hosting. Such a blast!

Next up is a massive photo dump of the halter photos I took throughout the day. Stay tuned!


  1. Congratulations on the win! Your performance entries are awesome! :) That customized Harley is lovely, I want it!

  2. Hoorah! Great job! What a weekend :D

  3. Congrats on your overall! Very deserved :D