Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shamrocks & SheNANigans: CM/AR English Performance

My favorite division, and Prudence's time to shine!

Again, the division started with Jumper/Cross Country.

Prudence's only flaw is her inability to wear boots on her feathery little legs, which I was a little worried about with her going into cross country. 

And of course, she was joined by the jumping appy's only entry and the return of The Hand.

Her super newbie lower level documentation apparently made up for her lack of booties, as she managed a blue ribbon!

Helter Skelter, the appy, settled for second. I don't mind losing to my own entries!

Prudence did a lot of little tack changes throughout this division, which limited my photo taking time. Most of the rest of the photos I have of this division are just of Prudence's results, like so:

Her stepping stones entry is a reliable one, earning her another first place in English Games. On to Other English, with Boo Radley's intended purpose:

This was around the point in the day when my big camera decided to die, leaving me to make do with my phone's camera for the rest of the weekend. Ugh!

This was the first time I'd really tried this tandem riding entry all together, and I was pleasantly surprised with how willing the reins were to cooperate. Good enough for another blue!

English Trail was up next. I promise there were other beautiful entries on the table, I was just running out of steam and going into focus-on-Prudence mode.

I don't even remember who landed the first place in this class, but Prudence earned a satisfying second.

Even without much photo evidence, there were some pretty stunning tack sets on the table this division. In the next class, Hunter Over Fences, I finally snagged a shot of this gorgeous grey in his Braymere Custom Saddlery saddle and beautiful doll:

 Which I'm pretty sure earned first, with Prudence landed solidly in second. Yay pink cards!

English Pleasure was split into Sport Breeds and Other Breeds, and Prudence earned herself another blue in the Other portion of the class.

By the time Dressage rolled around, the Halter portion of the show had finished up and many showers had taken their leave.

Pretty quiet!
Again, no photo evidence, but Prudence landed in third in Dressage. Even without that last pink card, her point total was enough to propel her to not only English Champion, but High Point AR/CM Performance Horse!

Wee! Such a satisfying end to the show day! How many tiny plastic Fjords have won real money?

I still have another Shamrocks post coming up, with all the pretty CM horses I got pictures of and more general show info, but I can't thank Shana Bobbitt enough for this fantastic show (including the incredible money rosettes!). All of the judges I showed under were knowledgable, kind and polite, the show size was perfect, and I had a total blast.

Brace yourself for the photo dump of halter horses coming up next!


  1. Thank YOU for your beautiful photos and lovely show reporting :) It is really neat for me to see it from the showers perspective! It has been such a treat for me today to keep checking back to see what else you've posted :D Glad you could make it over and happy that you did so well.

  2. WAHOO! Great job. I love your cross country diorama. And your long lining set up is amazing... you deserve a prize just for getting two sets of reins into an SM rider's hands, and so neatly too! There should be a rosette just for that :D