Saturday, March 21, 2015

Card Shark Live: Halter

I may have been lacking a high quality camera, but I definitely didn't skimp on the quantity of halter photos I took!

My personal halter show string is pretty small, and did itself proud, but I was more interested in seeing everyone else's pretties. Including this baby:

Who I ended up buying for myself! I'm such a fan of the sculpture, and appies, so it was meant to be.

My commentary for the rest of the post is going to be pretty quiet, and the photos aren't organized at all. Just a mish-mash of pretty horses. Enjoy!

I'm pretty sure this guy below ended up with some Overall award, and I can see why!

Castiel (aka Dusty) never does poorly at shows, but he really cleaned up at this one! Here he is earning himself a Reserve Champion in Breed:

Another member of my herd.

Most of the OF Breyer classes took up two full tables, but this one
struggled for four horses!
For comparison's sake, here's the class that came right afterward.

This looks like an Anna Kirby halter to me... both the halter and the horse
were high on my favorites list!

At the end of the AR division, an "oops" class was held for any horses that had previously missed their class, including this little dude:

Who earned his own special tri-color ribbon. Too cute!

At the end of the day, Castiel earned himself a second rosette for Workmanship Champion...

...and a third for CM Mini Overall Champion! Weeee!

I feel so lucky to be the new home of not one but two of those adorable little blue horses- I almost have a Blue Horse Group. :)

That just about wraps up my Weekend Showing Extravaganza! Again, thank you so much to Shana and Bethany for hosting, all of the judges for judging, and everyone else who helped make these shows happen.

Not gonna lie, my performance wins are the most gratifying. As someone who makes all their own tack and props, doing well at shows and even just receiving nice comments in person means everything to me- it means I'm on the right track!

Now it's back to the studio to start preparing for the next show. :)


  1. So...when is your next show? :) Love that last photo! As a customizer, I agree that winning with something you made yourself is so much more rewarding.

  2. Congratulations, Grace! Remarkable wins and so deserved. I agree, it is especially so because it is your work. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing the pictures. :)))

  3. Lovely photos! I wouldn't mind taking a few of those guys home with me :) Congratulations again on your big wins!