Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Therapy

I was supposed to get more done today than I did. But that's okay.

It's really, really, really easy for me to go "I can do it all! Three entries in every class! Six prop horses in full tack! A stagecoach with eight harnesses! Let's go!"

And it usually isn't until this point, two days before I leave for the show, that reality sets in. 

The endurance set-up I was going to try and complete has been cut from my class list, and I'm not even disappointed. I mean, it would've been cool, but I'm coming into the stage in my performance showing career where one less class to make a speed tack-change for is a welcome thing, instead of a missed opportunity. Knowing how much you can handle in a show day makes the difference between running around the show hall like a chicken with its head cut off, and running around the show hall like a fully functional chicken. 

(Pretty sure there isn't any way to do a full performance division and three other halter ones at the same time with any kind of elegance. Which is why it's fun, of course.) 

In other news, I'm a big enough dork to get myself stamps, and this could possibly be the best decision I have ever made. I don't even know what exactly I'll be using them on yet (the tops of outgoing tack boxes for sure), but just having them makes me a very, very happy artist.

Also business cards because they make me feel sophisticated. Again, not sure what the end goal is there, but I am definitely prepared.

Speaking of cards and things of paper, most of my afternoon (that was supposed to be dedicated to making dressage rails and painting the Fjord) was spent making 62 leg tags for my show string.

Sixty-two. How on earth do I have 62 horses in my show string?! I thought I was so good about keeping my collection small!*

So the show ponies got some fabulous ear decorations...

...Or necklaces, because I really am too lazy to take each horse off the shelf, put a tag on, put it back on the shelf, just to take it off again to pack tomorrow. And looking at these pictures reminds me that I desperately need to dust, too. Yikes.

The minis, I'm even more pathetic with. Sorting out the tags to their correct horses looks like a job for Future Grace.

Tomorrow is my last work day, which means just doing little tedious tasks like painting poles, and making reins/curb straps, and putting flowers in flower pots. It's dull work, but every little bit counts!

And now for some unrelated updates:
  • If you haven't noticed the poll on the top right hand corner of the blog, notice it! And vote. Pretty please. It's completely anonymous, no sign up or anything, just click and let me know what you'd like to see! Right now it's looking pretty darn western, which is totally fine by me- gaming set, anyone?
  • I have a couple of Harley neck ribbons sitting around that I really don't need. Both ribbons claimed. Yay!

 Bonus points for sending me a picture of your ribbon on your favorite horse!

*I realize that 62 is very small compared to a lot of collections in this hobby- and if I had the space and mula for a bigger collection, I would definitely have one!


  1. Oooh! Yeah... I gaming set sales piece? Please? ;)
    Lovely collection! I see a few that I would be MORE than happy to give a home. <3

  2. I loveing the necklaces and ear pieces!

  3. Love your stamps! Getting ready for showing is sure a lot of work. Lovely collection but I can't imagine having 62 models in my show string! I'm quite content with my small bunch, sometimes it's hard enough to stay sane with all the tags and references everywhere!