Friday, August 22, 2014

Shifting Gears

(This is my 50th post! Woo! Thank you to everyone who's been with me since the beginning, and those of you just joining.)

Today I...

Reconsidered my show string and decided to keep the roping set and sell the pleasure one instead. (Also to motivate me to make that natural-tone pleasure set I'm dreaming of). That ad will be up on MH$P this afternoon, at a price much lower than what I imagine I'll sell future Western sets for, considering its little flaws I overlooked while making it, thinking, "It's for my own show string, and I don't mind them." Siiigh. 

Which is also exciting because this is my first ever (mini) Western saddle going off into the world! Fly, my pretty!

Today I'm also hopefully putting a dent in the tan hunter bridle I need for an order...

...and painting a donkey, because I'm in love with this little mold, and in love with painting it.

One of my past endeavors on this mold, circa early July.

I'm also going to visit my good friend the Post Office man, hopefully getting new pics of the racing set on a chestnut horse (maybe horse color will be an incentive to buy? Worth a shot?), and maybe even writing the last post in the Building Blocks series!

(P.S.- while shamelessly Googling myself to try and find that outside link to the racing set's post, I learned that there is a race horse out there called Exit Stage Left:

I don't follow racing at all, and I didn't even read up on him, but there ya go! I feel a connection.)


  1. I love the donkeys! What happened to the unpainted one?

    1. He's still sitting on my windowsill, unpainted, waiting for me to get my act together! I imagine I'll get him some TLC after my next stressful order- painting is so therapeutic.

  2. Love the mini pleasure set and the donkey! Would love to see the other one when it's painted :)