Sunday, August 3, 2014

Goo Goo Goo Joob

It's been a Beatles kind of day.

Beatles because they're easy to listen to for long, long, long periods of time, which is what my to-do list called for.

First and foremost was finally tackling a harness, which ended up to be only tackling a bridle. Which was nice.

(the Fjord monster's paint is being put on hold
until after he's fitted for all his tack)

The rest of the harness was salvaged from my old one. Honestly, it's not an accurate representation of the quality of my 2014 tack, but it's decent and one less thing to do before this show is exactly what I need!

I do feel guilty, though, because a cart this nice...

by Argyle Farm
...really does deserve a fresh harness to go with!

 Ah well. Another day. When I don't have a million things to do and I feel like skiving.

The majority of the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to finishing the English set. This was mostly bridle and reins work, but a girth and pad also happened at some point.

One entry completely done! Hallelujah!

(Well, except for the horse itself...)

Next on the list was getting a start on a working/general purpose western set for the Fjord because really, if you're going to try and use the same model in different classes, why not try for as many as you can?

In my mind, it's "just" a saddle and bridle- this won't take any time at all, right? Riiiight.

In between the bigger projects, a couple of props happened, as well as a removable peg for my new beau that eases my anxiety about him leaping off tables...

And making a woolly pad for this gorgeous parade set by Anna, which  she was kind enough to lend me.

(Excuse my crappy tack-up. It's a gorgeous set. I promise.)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll put a big dent in that western saddle... and make an Endurance bridle... and breastplate... and barrels...

Six days is a long time, right?

8/4 Update: SOLD! I'm planning to put out probably one (maybe two) more English set(s) of some kind while I work through some little orders in the next few weeks. Whatever I end up with, you'll see it here first!

(By the by, the jumper set is up for grabs and open to offers! This is one of the last sale pieces I'll be offering this summer, and definitely the last full jumper set I'll put out for a while.)


  1. That tack is absolutely stunning!

  2. I NEED some of your tack!
    You.... actually........ make......... saddle... trees? Yep. Uh-huh. You're crazy.


  3. Wow - I cannot get over the amount of detail in your tack. That harness setup is beautiful...and that English set! I hope some day I can own some of your tack!

  4. Really neat progress. I love the English set!