Monday, August 18, 2014

Feeling Tired

I think I forgot how much energy going to a show takes.

This week hasn't been exactly restful, either; my best friend has been in town with a few buddies, and I just love any opportunity to play tour guide to anyone who's never been to Seattle. Lots of laughing, shopping, and eating occurred. A good time was had by all.

But on the model front, things have been pretty sloooooooow. Basically, I've unpacked and put everything away and that's it.

I did, however, jump aboard the Kinetic Sand bandwagon. And I've gotta say, I'm in love. It's like this stuff was made specifically with performance in mind. If you live by a Micheal's and you're on the fence, get off the fence, spend the $12 and go for it. I've been playing with it for like half an hour, and I keep instinctively brushing my hands off, but there's no need! I didn't think sand could be tidy, but this stuff is. 

My studio is carpeted, and I am unafraid. Yeah. It's that clean.

That's pretty much all I can claim productivity-wise. I've just been enjoying being home and among friends.

My studio assistant with his trusty baby blanket.
The work desk looks and feels pretty abandoned, but I have plans to fix that...

...only trouble is, the productive, meaty bit of summer is on its way out and classes are starting up again soon. Meaning the era of long, productive studio days is over and I'm transitioning back to the usual "fit an hour of work in the evening and weekends if I have time" schedule. 

I have one boots and bridle order I know I can knock out in the next little bit, but beyond that I'm not sure how much commission work I want to take on right now. At the moment, I'm tempted to say I'm only doing sales pieces until I'm settled into my school schedule and realistically know how productive I can be... But I do have a lot of people waiting on commissions. I just don't want to take on an order only to have it sit on my desk for ages!

A final decision about that will be made... later. For now, the roping set is definitely getting finished and put up for sale.

Shifting gears, I've had the customizing itch lately.

I recently acquired this cutie, and I'm thinking roached mane appy? And maybe messing with his head/neck a little bit. I'm aiming for a pretty versatile Western performance horse.

And now the bit of the post where there's bold text then bullet points to make these last thoughts seem less random:
  • To those of you just joining us from Braymere's wonderful blog, welcome! Make yourselves comfy. Thanks for giving this little blog a click!
  • More thank you's to be handed out to those who've voted on the current poll. If you haven't already, and you show minis or would like to, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you want to see more permanently attached tack? It's looking like the majority of you fully tack up and untack your minis regularly, which doesn't surprise me. :)
  • Those of you who claimed Harley ribbons: that's still happening. I'll let you know when they go out!
  • Props claimed. Woo!


  1. That Kinetic Sand sounds amazing I've been wanting to get some ever since I read this post months ago. Roached Appy sounds delicious. lol :)

  2. I would love to get into Performance showing at some point and it seems like I'll have to check out the Kinetic Sand - sounds wonderful!