Monday, August 11, 2014

Sweet Onion Live: Other Performance

This show is so much fun.

It was my first live show in two years, and I'd definitely forgotten how incredibly cool Region 1 people are. At least from what I picked up (as an introvert who isn't embedded in the group of regular local showers), these people are not only incredibly friendly and welcoming, but also good at maintaining a sense of humor and not taking themselves and their plastic horses too, too seriously. Everyone seemed like they were there to have a good time- and that's an incredibly enjoyable environment to be in. I not only got to meet one of my past customers (who was absolutely lovely!), but had more than one person tell me that they read and liked the blog. It's so, so flattering to realize that real human beings really read this thing!

While the people were nice, the competition was fierce.

I attended this show in 2012, and at the time, it was a pretty little show. The biggest performance class probably had six entries, and they were all on pretty much the same level. The 2014 version of Sweet Onion was drastically larger, and the quality of the performance division blew me away!

(I took a lot of pictures of the incredible entries, but don't have detailed information about them- so if you see something you recognize, or own, let me know and I'll update the captions.)

First up was the Other Performance division, beginning with Harness.

Harness tends to be an "all or nothing" class in the sense that there's either incredible entries, or no entries. This one was somewhere in between- the only other entry in the class was this gorgeous mule...

...but the Fjord monster somehow managed to snag the top spot. This turned out to be his first and only blue ribbon of the day, but I can honestly say that I'm content with that, given the quality of the competition.

Saddle Seat saw no entries, and the Costume classes were small but mighty. 

I am amazed by Traditional tack in general, but WOW. Look at those beads! Look at that HORSE!

How?? How do people make these amazing things??

Other Costume had a familiar face- it's my WWII Cavalry set from earlier this year!

I love the little base she made for him. Looks so sharp!

Other Performance and Scene ran at the same time on the same table, so I'm not sure which class this outstanding Therapeutic Riding entry was in. Whichever it was, WOW. Dolls are so hard, and these ones are done so, so well.

This is kind of funny- I don't think I've shared the Horsebot with you on here before! I don't know how that happened... Anyway, here he is. Winning the Scene class. How many legless horses have NAN cards, you think? 

I should probably wait to post this until after the official show results are out, so I can share the winners with certainty, but I think the Other Performance champ was "my" little cavalry guy! I can't remember who the reserve was (one of those amazing Indian costumes, maybe?), but the Fjord did get a candy nod. I really don't mind losing to my own tack. :)

(already tacked up for the next division)

How did they know Milk Duds are my favorite?

Next up is Western, aka "Grace enjoys being way, way out of her league."


  1. *waves* Hi! I realize that I told you I read the blog but forgot to actually introduce myself. I'm Leah, from Portland. Will I see you at the Portland show in September? Or NW Congress in October?

    I wish I'd more time to spend looking at the fabulous entries this year, so that you for the photos! I can admire your set-ups at leisure. I think you're right that the Other Champ was the cavalry set up and Reserve was the resin from the therapy set-up who I believe also won a costume class.

  2. Oh and I meant to say, that Horsebot entry is brilliant! So original! Mind if I ask how you made your dolls or where you bought them? They are excellent!

    1. Hi! Oh my gosh, looking at your performance entries and Halter horses I was 90% sure I recognized you from Shoestring, but I was so scatter-brained from showing I didn't want to make the wrong call. But yes! I love your blog, even on hiatus, and your horses/entries are incredible. Woo minis!!

      The dolls I customized from little plastic ones meant for model trains, I think? I found a lot of them unpainted on ebay for like $10 for 14 of them... try searching "1:32 G Scale Figures" or something like that. They're an awesome hard plastic that's really easy to sand and use Apoxie with.

      As for future shows, I honestly don't know! Rose City looks doubtful, but NW Congress is still on the table. I'll definitely post here about it when/if I enter another show this fall.

      It was so cool to meet you, and congratulations on all your entries!

  3. That little Calvary set is ace! So neat, and it looks great on that mold!
    You Fjord is just KILLING me!! ♥

  4. I love horse bot! It is super awesome when horses missing parts win NAN cards!

  5. Looks like there were a lot of incredible entries - amazing setups! Congrats on your blue ribbons!