Monday, December 29, 2014


 This week or so we're currently in is always crazy. There's the leaving of the Christmas guests, the coming of the New Years guests, the weird feelings you have around Christmas decorations after Christmas, and the apprehension that oh my God it's going to be 2015 on Thursday.

Luckily, in the midst of the madness Anna has made the two state jump to come hang out with me for New Years, and share some good old fashioned tack time. She came bearing supplies for a Portuguese bridle, and this drool-worthy muley recently completed by Sue Kern. 

This girl is going to be a knock-out in the performance ring! Watch out, Region 2!

While Anna suffers through the 13 or 14 tiny buckles on that bridle of hers, I've finally been tackling a tack dream of mine:

I'm sure I've talked about wanting to do this awesome RZ Dutton saddle on here before, but it's finally happening! I'm kind of waiting for this project to backfire in my face, but so far, so good...

Anna and I have also both recently created Instagram accounts to share our tack and post little progress updates that don't really merit a blog post on their own. While I love Blogger and plan on keeping this blog running as long as I can, Instagram is great in how fast it is- when I just want to share one step of a saddle, I can have it up and out there in less than 10 seconds. It's also been fun to explore kind of a different demographic of the hobby- I never knew there were so many of us model horse weirdos!

If you're so inclined, you can keep up with my antics by following @stageleftstudios over on there. I'm kind of imagining a weekly segment here on the blog where every weekend I'll post a recap of the best of Instagram that week, so nothing gets left out? We'll see!

Update: The blog has new clothes! I'll probably futz with it a little more, but this is more or less the 2015 look. Woo!

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  1. I can't even imagine making 14 tiny buckles!
    That Rz Dutton saddle is really interesting looking.
    And model horse tack days are so much fun!