Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Blogidays Day Three

Today totally got away from me! Ugh!

Here's a non-obnoxious Christmassy song to make up for the late post:

Today got two of the ten boots done, which is something!

The hunter bridle also got a browband...

And one laced rein (rein? Half of the reins is a rein? I don't know!).

As frustrating as laced reins can be, I am so pleased with how this one is coming along so far. The whole strap is much narrower than what I've done in the past, and the V's are closer together, which makes me very happy.

And the figure eight is done except for a couple keepers and rein webbing!

You guys are amazing- keep the entries coming! And a huge shout out and thank you to Leah over at Shoestring Stables for the plug!

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