Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Studio Update: December 16

The hunter set in this order is officially complete, pending the owner's approval. Woo!

On the customizing side of the table, yesterday I decided I need a big, couch-like Cob type guy to wear some UK huntseat or possibly side saddle tack. 

This was definitely an I NEED IT RIGHT NOW LET'S GO kind of project, and it shows.

I really need to go back and redo most of his neck (I'll never figure out how to do the withers area properly- ugh!), but I think there is cuteness potential.

I'm picturing a sweet bay or black color, with a roached mane and neatly trimmed tail?

I think the end goal is some kind of side saddle pas de deux with this little fella...

How cute??

...or maybe I'll finally make a Handy Hunter drink table entry happen!

On the less cute and fluffy side of things, this was my lesson this week in knowing when to quit:

Dear Future Grace:

If there are noticeable inconsistencies in the color of your piece of leather, don't use that leather. 

I now have a funky looking multi-toned English saddle sitting around, and I don't know if it deserves a bridle. Maybe I'll try dab-dyeing the whole thing a darker tone...



  1. I'm loving that saddle of MANY different colors! I'm sure you'll be able to work some magic and save it (:

  2. I am not professional (or even intermediate) customizer whatsoever, but I think I might see what's up with the wither area. I think you either left too much of the neck on the horse when you cut it off (resulting in really sloped withers), or you need to fill in the back a bit. I feel like when the horse lowers their head, the back seems to come up slightly, whereas lifting the head results in a more dished out back.

    You can kind of see an ideal wither area on a cantering draft with a low headset in this photo: http://s27.photobucket.com/user/Beaucerons/media/Riot/018.jpg.html

    Hope this helps at least a bit :)

  3. Of course the last saddle deserves a bridle! Used saddles are not uniform in color. I would buy this one from you just as it is.