Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blogidays Day Ten: Halter Raffle Follow-Up

Earlier this week, I got my most favorite kind of email: one with pictures of my tack in its new home!

Angelique received her raffle halter this week, and was kind enough to send me some stunning pictures.

First of all, that's just such a gorgeous horse. Second of all, am I the only one getting a serious ethereal feel from theses pictures? Love it!

So soft and glow-y. Thank you so much Angelique! I hope you enjoy!

This is seems like a good time to remind any of you out there with my tack that I love, love, love getting pictures of my tack on your horses, whether at a show, in your home, or even on a tiny saddle rack. It's fun to really see that it doesn't just ship off in the mail and evaporate! 


  1. That's gorgeous! :D Such a pretty model and lovely pictures. I love getting customer photos. ♥

  2. Thank you again for using my photos! I am in love with my halter! ♥