Saturday, December 13, 2014

Studio Update: December 13th

Today, I finished the boots at long last.

The two saddles, two bridles, two girths, and six boots are done for this order- now all I need is a five point breastplate, saddle pads and clean-up/last minute adjustments, which always takes longer than I think it will.

I'm unashamedly proud of these guys.

Each boot in this full set has three faux tongue buckles, full stitch marking, and raised kick plates.

They're still easy to get on and off, luckily: While the buckles are fixed, the ends of the straps just sticky wax down into place, as demonstrated by my sticky wax failing to do its job here:

At this rate, a sale set before Christmas does seem like a realistic possibility. I have a gorgeous new dye color that I'm itching to try out- we'll see!


  1. Those are frickin' awesome! So delicate and detailed! I need some new boots for NAN... I hope I can make some half as good as these!