Friday, October 24, 2014

Halter Raffle!

As promised, I am now officially kicking off my first-ever blog raffle!

The winners will get to choose between this lovely leather stable halter, and a fancy silver stock-type halter.

I haven't made halters in a long time, and probably won't be making more anytime soon after these guys, so this is a unique opportunity! The stable halter came out great- it has a raised noseband, faux tongue buckle, working hook on the rolled throatlach, and removable cotton lead. Made out of a lovely dark brown shade leather, with gold hardware, for the G3 Quarter Horse. 

The stock halter isn't half-bad, either:

It's a shiny black leather with shinier silver plating, complete with faux tongue buckles (simply sticky wax the right one down to the crownpiece and you're good to go) and a chain/leather removable lead. Made for the G4 Paradressage mold.

Okay, here's how this is going to work:
  • One comment, on any of my blog posts, new or old, equals one entry. 
  • Comment using your Google profile, or by using a nickname- if you go with the second option, make sure you're consistent!
  • Comment on as many posts as you like, but only one comment per person per post! (One person leaving fifteen comments on the same post will count as one entry for that person.)
  • Every entry will be assigned a number, and a randomizer will select the two winners. The first winner gets first pick of which halter they'd like, and the second winner receives whichever they didn't pick. In the event that the same person is drawn twice, I'll redraw until there are two winners. 
  • All comments left before 7:00pm (USA Pacific time) on November 10th will count as entries, and winners will be chosen and announced here shortly afterward. 
  • Shipping to the winners is free!

If you have any questions or I haven't covered something, let me know in the comments. 

Good luck, and thank you in advance for entering!


  1. That halter is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Somebody just sent me a link to this blog as I've recently been bitten by the Stablemate scale performance blog and I couldn't be more excited! You make lovely pieces and your blog is definitely going in my bookmarks! :D

  3. It is so beautiful!!! Stunning!!

  4. So cute! I love little mini stuff. So adorable.

  5. That halter is Fantastic! I purchased a saddle set from you long long ago and like a fool traded it off. :( So I need a mini tack fix pretty soon! :)

  6. I love this halter! I cannot wait to see the stock version!

  7. All of your work is absolutely gorgeous! I would love to own a piece owned by you. Thanks for holding this!
    -Jami G.

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  9. Gorgeous mini tack! I especially love your fjord custom! He is so cute!

  10. I love the rolled leather on the halter!

  11. Your halters are so beautiful, I thought they were real!

  12. These halters are stunning! Gorgeous work! I especially love the rolled leather - such small, intricate detailing!

  13. Trying this again... last comment seems to have disappeared! Anyway, awesome halters! I'm a new fan, and your work is gorgeous.