Monday, January 19, 2015


Earlier this week, I received my first new model of 2015. 

This girl is an order I placed with the lovely and talented Sue Kern, and I am in. Love. 

For a few weeks leading up to this purchase, I was torn. Longer time readers here will recall that I have a very similar CM G4 Driver that I did myself last summer. His nickname on here is the Fjord monster, which is mostly just me poking fun of his semi-cute fugliness. 

I put a lot of bloodsweat&tears into the original Fjord monster, and he did pretty well at the single show I took him to, but at the turn of the new year I decided it was time to crack down on my performance entries and start seriously shaping up. Why?

I am absolutely over the moon to say that Anna and I will be making the long voyage to Lexington, Kentucky this summer for Breyerfest 2015, and will be trying our hand at the Open show. 

We're entering this show with the full knowledge that we're out of our league- the competition there is probably borderline the toughest anywhere. Amongst the huge, elaborate, gorgeously detailed and I'm sure sharply correct entries, our collective goal is to win a ribbon (even if it's an honorable mention in a class of 12!). 

Just to achieve that, I figured it was time to invest in a performance horse that isn't slapped together in my basement. 

I am so, so excited for this girl to test her performance chops in March, and of course for the adventure of Breyerfest this July!

I didn't think my guy was too bad until I put him next to this new girl...

As for the Fjord monster, he isn't forgotten. I have a performance idea cooking that could possibly feature him as a prop horse... an entry can never have enough Fjords, right?


  1. Lovely! I hope there are working pairs, drill team, and harness entries in their future!

  2. She's beautiful! But I still like the one you made too :) You can never, ever have too many fjords :)

  3. Oooh gorgeous! Sue will be floating in fjords pretty soon, she's going to be painting an AR for me too! :-)

  4. the model horse world itself cant have enough fjords..since all of them dont fit the ideal fjord. too many make a fjord either too much pony or too much something else with a stiff mane...but this is cute. i like it. Being norwegian l kinda se these horses all over. my barn has around 9 fjords. You should se our other breeds too. maybe you like them too