Sunday, January 18, 2015

Studio Update: January 18

The craziness continues. 

This week has been primarily about prop making, with some pretty dull tack prep work thrown in. 

The second doll from the last post cleaned up rather nicely, albeit slowly...

...And is currently midway through painting. Pink hair on a hunt seat rider? I think yes. 

The two most ambitious projects I'm currently chipping away at are nothing alike, but equally fun to be attempting. The first is for an order, a surcingle set for a gorgeous CM'd horse in the capriole:

Hopefully this will come out really cool, but it's currently just a bunch of black lace. This definitely feels like a project that takes a long time to prep, but that will hopefully really benefit from it later!

As for the other challenge...


A stadium jump for my CM G3 jumper! Naturally, colorful standards and striped poles would just be too easy. I thought a 1:32 scale version of this fence from the World Equestrian Games in Normandy would be a much better choice.

Braymere featured a guest post by Terri Wright a little while back with some more fantastic pictures of this guy- I'm sure other hobbyists have already given this jump a whack, but maybe not in this scale? I just adore the whimsical design. 

Now, I am not a master sculptor by any stretch of the imagination, and hands are hard to start with. For a while, I noodled on trying to go out and find a doll or some kind of decoration that had the right size hand, but the likelihood of finding a hand in the correct size and the correct position just seemed a little far-fetched. 

Out came the clay.

I now have the rough beginnings of a hand, and a pretty solid little palette with some fun paint smears. Fingers crossed this will turn out!

And finally, some less exciting projects:

A hunter jump with some experimentation with greenery and "AstroTurf" poles..

...and the beginnings of a saddle for this guy to wear while he sails over the "paint brushes."


  1. That is a cool jump! I didn't realize at first it wa a hand holding paintbrushes - I thought they were chopsticks! Either way, very fun and original

  2. Wow your rider looks fabulous! I am working on a prop project right now but I mean to redo my riders (at least from the waist down) this spring. Yours has much nicer proportions! And the way you did her coat doesn't interfere with her sitting, which is a problem I've had :P

    I love that you are tackling that awesome jump- it's so cool and I've been hoping someone would go for it! I have yet to see a model version... although I actually did make a (much simpler) paint brushy jump a few years ago (

    Also, love the astroturf pole. That was something I was thinking of trying too! I have way too many ideas and not enough time...