Sunday, November 9, 2014

Studio Update: November 9

There are only so many hunter sets a girl can make before she needs to try something a little different. It's been at least two years since my last TWH set, so this was a fun little detour!

I managed to see the bridle through the worst of its adolescence (soooo many keepers on this guy), but the saddle is presenting more of a challenge. 90% of my English saddles use the same basic pattern pieces, but cutbacks have a bit of a different shape and therefore required a totally new pattern set. 

It doesn't look like much, but these are the resulting pieces from a new tree and flap design that took a heck of a lot of tinkering. The skirt is turning out to be the most challenging (and frustrating!), but I think I have a pattern I can work with to make something work tomorrow. Hopefully.

Today I also did a bunch of lace prep....

...and dyeing, so I have some fun colors to play with.

I'm admittedly totally out of my depth when it comes to TWH tack, but colorful browbands seem to be a norm. What do you guys think? Red? Blue? I'd love to hear some input.

And lastly, tomorrow evening I'm picking the halter winners! Exciting!


  1. I love that set! It's so pretty. You are an inspiration and the thing that reminds me that I really need to work on my own twh set for my friend.

    1. Also you have to do blue! He'd look so good in it! Also, I am not trying to sneak in two entries, I promise.

  2. The set is looking great so far - can't imagine all the little details that go into it!

  3. Wow! That set is looking great! I vote blue on the browband. :)

  4. Voting blue, but I think a shiny black would be fun too.

  5. Lots of work going on, it looks great so far, and I agree that a blue browband would look awesome! :)