Saturday, November 29, 2014


As you may be able to tell from the blog's new wrapping and the whole holiday raffle deal, I am a Christmas mega-enthusiast.

Now, I personally celebrate Christmas, but it's more the feeling of December that gets me excited than the specifics of the holiday. Whatever gets you excited this time of year is just as worthy as Christmas, just be prepared for lots of Christmas-y posts on here in the upcoming weeks. 

To those of you rolling your eyes at me and saying, "It's not even December yet!", I hear you and I respect you but I have struggled to contain my holiday cheer until after Thanksgiving, so in my mind now is fair game. 

I hit up Micheal's earlier this week to stock up on joy, and lo and behold they had half an entire aisle dedicated to holiday-themed miniatures in just about SM scale!

This tree had to come home with me. 

It's cute, but its fresh-from-the-package condition was less than incredible. The base was a solid flat white, the tree was a bit crooked, and its decoration situation was weak.

Luckily, I keep a little box of little things handy just in case of emergency miniature tree decorating.

I ended up using the little pom-poms (originally purchased with corona pads in mind) and gold jingle bells as bitty ornaments, a pendant from a thrift store necklace as a star, and gold chain I'd bought back in my Traditional tack adventure phase to be curb chains as a sort of garland. 

The tree's base also got brushed over with shimmery gold paint to give it a more dimensional, well-loved look.

And voila! A SM scale Christmas tree. 

Speaking of cheery...

...we got our first snow this morning!

Where I live is great because we do occasionally get snow, but it's never more than a few inches overnight that looks pretty in the morning but has melted almost completely away by the afternoon. So all the fun and beauty of a fresh snow, without the stress and worry that "real" snow causes in a place like this that is not at all equipped to deal with it. 

Knowing that this winter wonderland will be a slushy by this afternoon, I rushed out in my bare feet this morning to snap some pics of the raffle set with a real snow background.

I love the glow-y light snow makes!

That railing is my trusty picture-taking spot, perfect because I can kneel down and get level with the horse without having to get on my belly on the ground.

Looking forward to a day of tackmaking, hot cocoa sipping, carol listening, and cookie munching!

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  1. The tree looks so cute and Christmasy after you altered it, adorable! :D
    And the saddle set show pictures, LOVE 'EM! ♥ ♥