Sunday, November 30, 2014

Studio Update: November 30

Today I...

...continued having fun taking pictures in the snow...


...both the saddles for an order: this medium brown hunter guy....

...and this pretty dark brown eventing one.

Both have adjustable stirrups, which have been fun to play with!

I also (finally!) added the little excess stirrup leather keeper things to the raffle saddle....

...made some tiny presents for my tiny tree...

...and started a figure eight bridle that is just too chunky on poor Seabiscuit's face!

I think I can salvage the noseband (thank goodness), but the rest is getting scrapped. 

Tomorrow is a dedicated boots and bridles day- I have my soothing playlist at the ready!


  1. I love your saddles! They are beautiful and love the picture with the saddle and Christmas tree! :)

  2. Finally a productive day, hehe! And amazing things came out of it too!

  3. The elusive tiny presents!! The individual wrapping job looks like it paid off (; Love them!