Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Studio Update: October 21

Ugh. I'm not where I want to be, but things are still getting done!

Finished up a full set of splint boots, in a cool neoprene- like material with "sweat-wicking" fabric lining, leather kick plates, and "velcro" closures for super easy on and off (again, much more impressive in person than in photos, pinky swear). I'm really pleased with how these ones came out!

And I am so, so close to finishing this five-point breastplate! I need to change out a couple jump rings, but this order is just itching for its new home.

Guys! Way to give me a tie as the result of the raffle item poll. So it looks like I'll be making a free halter... but silver stock type or shmancy leather stable halter type? I even made up a new poll to see what ya'll want. I mean push comes to shove, I might just make both and have two winners...


  1. Nice hunter-barn style leather stable halter! :) Lol

  2. I love seeing the progress you have made on your tack since I started reading your blog in 2012!

  3. Those boots sounds amazing, I might just have to get a pair for myself to make sure you're telling the truth!! ;)

  4. How on Earth are you doing this?? Blown away with the level of detail in this!

  5. Those boots are awesome! Everything is filled with amazing detail!