Monday, April 27, 2015

NW Expo Halter

I was lucky enough to have my table at NW Expo be situated right near the performance rings, but I did find myself forgetting to wander over to the Halter tables! I think I took 250-ish halter photos at Card Shark/Shamrocks last month, and only 60 something photos on Saturday. I need a designated photo taking minion!

My table, neatly divided with the halter ponies on one side and performance crash area on the other. (The most vital ingredients here are the coffee and the highlighted class list!)

Erin Corbett and Leah Koerper shared the table in front of me, and I couldn't have asked for nicer neighbors. They're both such upbeat pleasant people- in fact, I didn't personally run into any sour sports at all at NW Expo. It's always nice to be able to have fun with people who don't take their plastic ponies too, too seriously!

One cool feature of the show were the door prizes- every entrant throughout the day got called up to pick something off the blue table. Definitely a neat touch! (And I ended up with another tack body- woo!)

There were also some amazing silent auction items...

...including a tack set I whipped up...

...and this gorgeous Stacey Tumlinson resin.

On to the Halter pics!

(I know pretty much nothing about any of these horses- if you know an artist or owner, drop me a comment and I'll update the captions!)

I'm always so impressed with Collector's classes, having never really had a thematically coherent collection myself.

I love the riser displays!

Another impressive feat: showing the same horse in halter and performance!

This mini Ravenhill wanted to come home with me.

My recent stint into micro tack has me looking at this next guy like... how could would he be in a tiny stud tack set?

This lovely is definitely by Leah Koerper!

This little zebra is an OF I have never seen before- if anyone knows where I can find myself one, you'd have my eternal gratitude!

Can you tell I like the longears?

And the ponies!

I've really fallen in love with the Palouse mold recently... if only he was a mini!

And that's it for NW Expo! I did end up coming home with a few more ponies than I left with (thanks, Leah and Erin!), and we swung by a Tandy Leather for the first time in my life during this trip, which added to my haul. I'm sure I'll post about all my new goodies in the future.

For now, I am drowning in school work and gazing longingly at June, when I know I'll have real time to sit down in the studio and tackle commissions, as well as make tack for my exciting new resins and generally breathe a bit. I have so many projects I want to try (Pebbles scale tack being near the top of the list), but just have no time! Ugh!

 Updates on here might be a bit spotty for the next month or so, but I do have a couple drafts of posts I never actually posted. They'll seem out of place, but would you guys be interested in seeing the construction process of the micro mini jumper and the mountain trail base?