Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Game Plan

My hope is that this blog will eventually be worth your time to read, and thinking in that vein I've compiled a list of topics that I plan to cover in the future:
  • A walkthrough of how I make English saddles (and other various how-tos and walkthroughs as I think of them)
  • An explanation of how I do my photography ('cause little tiny tack is unsurprisingly photo shy and it can be tricky to get just the right shot)
  • Many posts with real horse tack pictures that I've collected from horse shows, Breyerfest, live demonstrations and the like.
  • My thoughts on the idea of "performance-friendly"
  • What's on my desk, or a list of supplies and where to find them
I can't wait to get started!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All Done

It feels so good to get long-standing orders OUT! And just be able to start fresh.

Gone, gone, gone, gone and gone!
Especially right after Breyerfest, which for me is the landmark of a model horsing year. I measure my productivity from Breyerfest to Breyerfest, think of my model purchases in terms of Breyerfest to Breyerfest, and plan my show season with each show's relation to Breyerfest in mind.
My "backlog is gone" face.

Among the departing crowd:
Upper level dressage set for the G4 Dressage horse in black.

Show jumping set for the G4 Driver in dark brown.

English set for the G3 WB in medium brown.

Tried a couple new things with the bridle; tongues on all the buckles for one, as well as wire cores on the noseband and browband to create a more realistic "raised" look.
Just a saddleseat set left on my desk... then I'll have no projects. I'll just have to fix that!

New Blog!


Hi there. You've stumbled upon my corner of the interwebs.Welcome to Stage Left, maker of Stablemate scale tack and other tiny things. This blog will (hopefully!) become a spot for tack tutorials, walk-throughs, progress updates and anything else model horse-y I feel like sharing with the world.

Right now it's just a baby, but I hope you do enjoy yourself while you're here. Check back often for updates.

-Stage Left
New resolution: every post needs a picture. So enjoy this shot of a recent "hunter orange" set of mine.