Tuesday, February 3, 2015

*Cricket.... cricket*


Despite my life suddenly becoming hectic, the two projects continue to slowly plug along.

Surcingle set:

The Hand:

Sigh. What I'm running into with this guy is the struggle between remaining faithful to my references (which are all slightly different, so I'd have to pick one and follow it) and taking the idea and running with it, with my own artistic freedom/flair thrown in (which is what I have been doing, because the original jump is severely lacking on flowers, and what's a WEG level stadium jump without flowers?). 

And it's too tall. This isn't a problem with my CM jumper, but if I were to want to show an OF approaching on the ground... (probably the Seabiscuit mold, as he at least seems to have the gumption to try it!)

"You want me to jump what??"
So I'm entering the phase every big project undergoes where I put all my materials down and spend some time just staring at it. 

Do I tear it apart, go back to square one and remain faithful to my reference? 

Do I shave it down even more to exclude the painter guy and paint tubes? 

Or do I continue to roll with my colorful, flowerful version and be-flower the other standard (and make some paint tubes)?

And on top of that, there's the option of keeping what I have/finishing the other standard, keeping it that way for these shows in March, then re-assessing or making any of the above changes afterwards (giving me more time to focus on the other props and tack I need for these next shows).

Anna is entering "okay I need to seriously get stuff done" time in preparation for a show she has in two weeks, which is making me grateful I had the whim to start this project two months in advance of my shows. I'm still in love with the idea, but I think it needs some.... stop and stare time, before I progress with it or tear it apart. In the mean time, I have a lot of tack to make.

I'd love to hear any thoughts or opinions any of you have! Another issue I'm facing is just how long I've been staring at this thing- fresh eyes are much needed!


  1. All of it is amazing. I especially love how you've enlisted the help of one project for another :)

  2. I love your progress.is there a way to measure your jump and translate that number into the scale height? At least that way you will know if its realistically to scale and not have to depend soley on your eyes. That would also help in your documentation. If it translates into 6' or 7' then maybe lower your jump cups on the easel side?

  3. Love the jump, it does look identical to the real one (I had the pleasure of seeing it on the Spruce Meadows course and took some photos of it disassembled. Its is SO unique,

    As for the scale issues, the real one stands about 6'. Can you not measure and scale it down according to reference (1;32 is stablemate?)? The horses may not be 100% to scale, so that may be the first issue, but actual scale calculations may be another. Loving the look, hoping to see completed photos soon!

  4. Hmmmm I'm not quite sure. If I were you, I'd probably try to peel the hand back off of its base and sand it down or cut a little bit of the wrist off...