Thursday, March 24, 2016

Studio Update: March 24

I feel like I've been so productive, and yet I'm struggling to find photo evidence.

Basically, I've been in a very cross country-type mood lately, judging by my current projects. There's this micro diorama, kind of a sequel to last year's version:

I have a massive reference folder of fences and obstacles from the London 2012 Olympics, and this guy has been near the top for years now.

It's still very much in the rough stages, and I have a whole 'nother post coming together about the process of this project, but it's been fun so far!

The other time-suck on my desk is also of the eventing variety, and also a project I've been itching to tackle for years now: this awesomely tacky Devoucoux saddle from a Braymere post a while back. 

The wrinkled skirt has since been replaced- sigh!

I bought myself some high-quality leather paints for a racing set a few years ago and haven't really had the chance to use them since. So far with this saddle I've been really pleased with the paint, and all the touching and handling involved in assembling it hasn't seemed to phase the painted pieces. I do have some anxiety about paint flaking off or chipping away, but *knock on wood* so far so good!

I'm off to make some very red panels!


  1. Very cool! I particularly love the bright saddle.

  2. Both are fun! Who is the model you use for the jump? And what is the brand of paint you used? The moon jump would make an interesting Other exhibit with the base in dark blue with stars on it and the moon held up by stars--everything in moonlight gray-blue-white. As if the horse had jumped over the moon in the sky...

  3. Cool work! Love the jump! And the saddle of course, a little splash of colour is always needed :)