Monday, September 22, 2014

Thank You, Breyer

Disclaimers: the product pictures belong to Breyer, and I'm not being paid to post this. Though that would be a pretty sweet deal if I was.

Long time no post, and this isn't exactly a satisfying end to this dry spell, but I had to share my excitement over Breyer's recent nod to us Stablemate lovers: you can now individually buy riders!

Had to giggle over the resemblance between the top product pic and
this shot from a few weeks ago.

Gone are the days of spending $10 on a horse and rider set just to get your hands on a doll to futz with. They're even offering a Native American and Jockey-- two riders that have been especially elusive (and therefore pricey) in the past.

Now, these dolls aren't perfect. I realize that. They all have issues, some more than others, and none of them are show ring quality, but they do offer a good starting point for tweaking position or customizing entirely. There are some extremely talented mini showers out there who just sculpt their dolls from scratch, but I'm personally grateful for a starting point (and face!) to work with.

At $3.99 a pop, I honestly can't complain too much. I mean, it would be nice if they didn't come with the plastic tack and were maybe a dollar less, but this is so much better than it was before.

On the studios news front, things are slow as snot. My free time has been minimized to almost non-existence, and I only get to sneak in a few studio hours a week. I would blog more, but there just isn't anything to see! So expect some more creative (and/or "random hobby thoughts") posts in the future. 

Thanks to all my new followers (hello) and old ones for your patience. Now excuse me while I go buy that cowgirl.


  1. I agree! I wish they would do something like this for micro minis!

  2. It's so great Breyer offers this now - it would definitely be fun to customize a few of these...

  3. I saw the individual riders on the breyer website before but now they have been moved to an "exclusive" page? I know Breyer has moved them to the exclusive page for a while but i don't understand the reason why