Monday, August 27, 2012

And We're Walking

Moving right along through my backlog. I have a pesky saddleseat set on my desk that just refuses to be done... if it isn't a broken buckle, it's a weak bit or lumpy panel. Some sets fight you all the way through, and some just put themselves together.
This set was (thankfully!) in the latter category!

Totally came together all on its own.

It has a gullet? What is this strange occurance?

Another set off to its new owner. It feels good to finish things!

P.S... fussed with the blog design. Turns out if you want to use any cool fonts, it will just autocorrect them to yucky Comic Sans. So "boring" title font it is! Anything is better than Sans...


  1. What happened to the blog? We want posts! I've been checking back every day since the last post, please do another!